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About Us

OSRAM - Re-inventing Light for more than 100 Years

From the light bulb to networked and intelligent light.

In the beginning, there was light …” - true, but our company is not quite that old yet. Even so, we can look back on an eventful history filled with technological bright spots. Our journey began with the registration of the OSRAM wordmark at the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin in 1906. Since then, OSRAM has been constantly evolving and has reinvented light over and over again - from conventional lamps through to gas-discharge lamps and LED light to laser and invisible light.

Our identity is shaped by a long tradition of innovation in the field of lighting technology. Be it with laser light for automobiles, increased security thanks to iris recognition, or intelligently connected lighting, we are shaping the future with all kinds of solutions in the areas of visible and invisible light. Our capacity for innovation is being deployed in new fields. The commercial utilization of chip fabrication expertise and novel applications in the visible and invisible light spectrum are examples of how the next chapter in the OSRAM success story could unfold.

We see ourselves as a focused lighting technology provider in the areas of automotive and specialty lighting, opto-semiconductors, luminaires, lighting systems, and solutions.

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OSRAM Specialty Lighting

OSRAM Specialty Lighting offers a broad range of lamps and systems for various sectors and special applications, including specialty lamps for stage, cinema, studio lighting and front/rear projection as well as several industrial applications.

Discover how OSRAM specialty lighting impacts our world:

OSRAM P-VIP® Projection Lamps

The technology behind image projection has progressed to high intensity projection devices used today in conference rooms, classrooms, and even homes around the world.

As an industry leader, OSRAM continues to be at the forefront, offering high performance P-VIP® lamps for both front projectors and rear projection television.

OSRAM P-VIP® lamps are backed by innovative R&D and advanced manufacturing that ensures the optimal performance characteristics of the projection devices.

They provide very high brightness, an essential prerequisite for efficient projection, and excel through a long lifetime and performance reliability ensuring complete satisfaction to the end user.

Only with genuine OSRAM P-VIP lamps can you be sure to experience:

  • Extra-long lifetime
  • Highest lumen output for ultimate brightness
  • Uniform light distribution
  • Excellent quality
  • High safety standards

No matter what your needs are or which projection application you are looking for, OSRAM is an expert in projection technology - and it shows.