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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a projector lamp?

The technical description of a modern projector bulb is that it is an ultra-high pressure discharge arc lamp. The projector lamp is the most essential part of your projector, because it creates the light that shines through the DLP or LCD system and produces the vivid images your projector displays.

What is an OSRAM P-VIP® projection lamp?

OSRAM P-VIP® projection lamps are high-pressure discharge lamps used in video projectors and rear-projection televisions. Their design has been specifically developed for projection purposes to deliver the highest quality images possible. P-VIP lamps provide an extremely high level of luminance, the essential prerequisite for high-performance devices. Furthermore, they offer long operating life and will only experience a small loss of luminous flux during that lifetime. OSRAM is one of the leading lamp suppliers to projection OEM’s.

Why should I buy OSRAM P-VIP® projection assemblies?

You have probably seen that there are multiple options of projection lamp assemblies on the market today and many of them are enticing with their lower upfront prices. However, what you may not realize is what the true cost of that generic replacement will be for you in the long run. We’ve evaluated these generic substitutes and discovered many ways in which these lamps can result in performance issues and even safety related concerns. Find out more in our brochure → on the true cost of generic lamps. We encourage you to choose well-known brands and at OSRAM-ShopYourLight you can purchase genuine quality P-VIP assemblies that come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and a dedicated customer service team always available to help.

How can I be sure that I’ve purchased an original OSRAM P-VIP® projection lamp and not a counterfeit?

It is unfortunate, but there are many lower priced counterfeit lamps being sold online and through other distribution channels. These lamps can sacrifice quality and could cause major problems with your projection device. By purchasing your lamp or assembly from OSRAM-ShopYourLight you are guaranteed an original OSRAM P-VIP product. If you happened to purchase your OSRAM product through another site or from a distributor, you can use our online Authenticity Checker to verify that you purchased a genuine OSRAM P-VIP assembly. If there is still a question after that, please contact us at [email protected] and we can help you further.

How does a projector lamp work?

In a projector bulb, there is an arc gap that is filled with ultra-high pressurized gas; the lamp operates by sending an electrical current across this pressurized arc gap. The current lights the gas, and causes the lamp to produce an extremely bright light. This bright light is shone onto an LCD or DLP panel, which in turn produces the images projectors are known for. The lamps must be produced with high precision to produce the bright, crisp and clear images expected from your projection device.

Where do I find a projector lamp in my projection device?

A projector lamp can usually be found at the bottom of the projector, but can sometimes be found on the top or sides. Look for a cover secured by screws. By undoing these screws and lifting the plate off you should be able to reveal the bottom of the plastic housing (the module) that holds the projector lamp in place in your projector. This plastic housing usually has a handle attached to it. Pull gently on this handle to remove the projector lamp from your projector.

How many hours will my projector lamp work?

Just like any light bulb, projector bulbs have an expected operating time, called lamp life. This value is expressed in hours and represents the number of hours before the lamp is at half its original brightness. The actual expected lifetime will vary based on the specifications of the TV or projector, but most are rated for over 2,000hrs. OSRAM P-VIP lamps are produced to provide the best optical performance over the expected lifetime. Also, for projectors that are used under normal operating conditions (no more than three to five hours per day in a clean, relatively dust-free environment) the lamp will have the greatest likelihood of lasting through its entire rated lamp life.

How can I replace a projector lamp?

Whether you have purchased a lamp assembly or a bare P-VIP bulb, replacing your projector lamp is very easy, but it is best to follow the installation instructions in the manufacturer’s owner’s manual.

When will I know that my projector lamp must be replaced?

Often projectors track the bulb lifetime and give a warning message on your projector screen before the expected lamp life is finished. This is an indicator that it is time for you search look for a replacement lamp or assembly. Not every projector works the same, so please refer to your projector's manual for more detailed information.
If you are regularly using your projector lamp for important or regular presentations or events we recommend you to always have a spare OSRAM P-VIP lamp or assembly on hand.

Projector Lamp Compatibility - Wouldn't Any Lamp Work in My Projector?

A projector lamp is manufactured specifically for new projectors on the market. There is not a one projector lamp fits all solution in the industry. Please use our fitting list to ensure you purchase the P-VIP lamp or assembly that properly fits into your projection device.

Are There Any Projector Lamps Compatible with Multiple Projectors?

Yes! Most assemblies are compatible with multiple projector models. On every product page of you can find the list of all projector models that take the same projector lamp assembly. If you are having problems finding the correct projector lamp for your model, you can use our online search or you can contact our Customer Service at (833) 733-0303 or email at [email protected] .

What can I do to ensure my lamp will last through its expected rated life time?

An early expiration to a projector lamp is usually caused by it burning at too hot a temperature over the course of its life. Below are some tips on how you can extend your projector lamp's life.

  • Ventilation - Mount the projector in a place that has ample space for ventilation. Ideally two feet away from the wall, floor or ceiling. If the projector is mounted where there is little air flow, the projector lamp will most likely burn out early.
  • Change or Clean Your Filter Regularly - prevent dust getting inside your device. If the filter is too dirty, the air flow in and out is reduced which could bring the lamp to burn due to a hotter temperature.
  • Turn Your Projector On and Off slowly - the lamp in the projector take about a minute before producing a stable current. If the projector is turned on and off rapidly, the arc tube may become destabilized.
  • Use Economy Mode when applicable - this will usually make the projector lamp emit a slightly lower brightness level and can therefore extend the lamp life.

Can I Touch a Projector Lamp?

Projector lamps are similar to halogen lamps, but not the same. Halogen lamps strictly cannot be touched because the oil from your hands will create hotspots on the halogen lamp and cause it to fail. Projector lamp globes can be touched, but we recommend that you handle them as little as possible or not at all.
Do not touch the arc tube with your fingers; this will leave fingerprints and cause the arc tube to burn hotter in the places where it was touched. Higher burning temperatures can destabilize the arc tube and can cause it to burst.
Also, do not touch the inside of the projector lamp globe or the reflector surrounding the arc tube. This would cause hot spots to form on the reflector, which will also destabilize your projector lamp performance.
Touching the outside of the globe or reflector is possible and will only cause little damage to the life or performance of the projector lamp. We recommend against touching the outside of the quartz globe. If the quartz globe must be touched, we recommend cleaning your hands. If you do have extremely sweaty hands or you do not wish to handle the lamp at all, we suggest wearing a pair of white cotton gloves while handling the projector lamp.